Thursday, March 24, 2016

An Easter Prayer for the restless

Dear God,

It isn't that I don't recognize how good I have it. Its just that I get so stuck sometimes.
I get so off track chasing down meaning I can't make in life.

I am not hungry or sick or lost or homeless.
I am not huddled in some God-forsaken hell that swallows all my gifts.
I am not in the black of darkness.

I'm here, God.

I'm here and I have been hurt but I don't need to hurt anyone.
I'm here and I've been lied to but I don't need to lie.
I'm here and I've been beaten down but I don't need to beat anyone.

I stand here in all my bare truth and I know that I'm enough the way I am.

I am here failing and falling short and I am not ashamed of that.

I'm here in all my broken, aging, wrinkled beauty and I am yours, God.


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